Connemara's Drummer Boy, CD, CGN, RE, USA RN, HI, SdS, SHDMX,

Connemara's Drummer Boy, CD, CGN, RE, USA RN, HI, SdS, SHDMX,
Little Dog..... Big Attitude

Nellie graduates

Nellie is a  sheepdog/poodle mixed breed who, as a teenager, was a very 'independent' thinker and somewhat of an instigator when it came to living with her older border collie buddy, Boots,  and Hunter, the shih tzu .  Nellie spent her time on walks ignoring commands and irritating the other dogs by barking in their faces and dancing around in front of them.  After four weeks of lessons on how to 'leave' things in the environment and stick close to her handler, Nellie now fits really well into the family dynamics. So proud of her and happy that training at Shadowbar gave everyone the confidence and control they needed to communicate.
Thanks, Rita, for the following note.

Hi Judy, 

I  just wanted to say thanks again for helping Nellie and me connect. 
Since we've been to see you she's really become one of us, she loves to play and run and listens great! She still feels the need to keep the pack together but does it with a happy and playful attitude instead of being a pest.. and my border now plays with her daily! 

Thanks again for your wonderful work!

Rita, Sophie & Jason
Hunter, Boots & Nellyphant

Dr. Rita Wendrich

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