Connemara's Drummer Boy, CD, CGN, RE, USA RN, HI, SdS, SHDMX,

Connemara's Drummer Boy, CD, CGN, RE, USA RN, HI, SdS, SHDMX,
Little Dog..... Big Attitude

The New Dog

Don't panic.  I still only have eight dogs.  Haven't lost my mind totally, you know. But I just have to share the news.  About 6 weeks ago, thanks to the sponsorship of our training program here at Shadowbar by Pets Go Raw Dog Food, I was able to put my six year old German shepherd, Hunter, on a quality full meal raw dog food.  Hunter has always been bony, despite his weight of 88 pounds, and he has never really thrived on any of the kibbles we have provided.  
He is a new dog!!!!  His coloring has deepened in tone and his coat is glossy and black-black like Castle's. 
Hunter has always had energy but his energy is different; not as frantic.  This has improved his herding ability as he doesn't panic when the sheep decide to make a break for it..... I don't know how to describe it.  It is as though he has developed a middle-gear.  Love it.
We have tried other raw food diets for our dogs over the past but found that they stunk so badly of garlic and had such huge chunks of veggies, fruit and fat in them that the dogs didn't like them.
Pets Go Raw Dog Food has everything, bones and all, ground up into a fine blend which is easy to
handle.  The company gives people so many choices both for product, packaging, and price and people are always welcome to tour the plant where the food is produced. 
I owe my NEW dog to Pets Go Raw Dog Food.  Thanks, Stu and Sherin, for making this possible for me and for Hunter.
Now he can look as spiffy as the shibas...

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