Connemara's Drummer Boy, CD, CGN, RE, USA RN, HI, SdS, SHDMX,

Connemara's Drummer Boy, CD, CGN, RE, USA RN, HI, SdS, SHDMX,
Little Dog..... Big Attitude

First Club Day 2013 a Success!!

Saturday, January 12th,  kicked off the Southern Alberta Working/Herding Dog Association 2013 year with members from Calgary, Cranbrook, Lethbridge, and the Crowsnest Pass.

We did three challenging rally O courses and left the other half of the hall open for those members who wished to work on obedience routines, Draft Dog work or puppy socialization.  This works much better than a regimented routine of obedience.

We set up our scent hurdle course and started off with our team practice with our new member, Sylvia's
black standard poodle, Julie, who never missed a beat.  It was really neat to see Laura's black miniature poodle, Max, doing scent hurdle, using his obedience dumbbell.  We will be able to use Max at club demos and I am sure that Laura will be putting his talent to use in the PALS program as well.

 Even Castle had a try at scent hurdle and with careful placing of his dumbbell, he never made a mistake.  Hunter did well but lost his cool when we put two wooden dumbbells in the box along
with Bailey's pink plastic bell.   He brought as many as he could..... such dedication.

To imitate the conditions that our team will meet at the regular scent hurdle competitions and to give our   demo dogs a chance to practice their relay sprints, we asked Jeff, Sharlet, Nikki, and Kerri to use their dogs and race them alongside our scent team.  Wow!!!  Nikki's Sophie is MISS COMPETITIVE and she simply burns up the course.  Shar took Deb's shiba inu  and the little dog actually did well
going over the jumps on lead.  Jeff had a blast with his shepherd, and so did Kerri with her Newf pup, who picked up the idea right away.  We will have such fun this summer at the community events we attend.

At our Christmas luncheon, we decided that every time our club meets, members would have the opportunity to buy 50/50 tickets.  One member will go home with 1/2 the 'pot' and the rest will be retained by the club for the year and then contributed to a charity of our choice.  Cheryl Popoff won the first 50/50 draw!!!!   The cost of a ticket is set at $1.00.

 We next meet on January 26th at 9:30 a.m.  We will have a rally course set out for practice and we will also have 1/2 the hall set aside for obedience, draft work, and scent hurdle.

We will being with the following obedience exercises for all levels:

  • Figure 8's 
  • Sits
  • Downs
  • Recalls  
  • Heeling
  • Dumbbell work
  • Jumps
  • Rally drill 
As members finish the obedience exercises they want to work at, they can move over to the rally ring and try their skills at that. 

At noon we will do scent hurdle practice and then Draft Dog work.  

As usual, cost is $5.00 for  2013 members and $10.00 for non-members. 

We hope to see you there.

Good luck to everyone entered in the CKC Alberta Kennel Club Dog Show this coming weekend.
Maureen has put together a basket of goodies from Due South (our demo team) and will be giving it away at the show.

The Prez 

Come to the land of the big sky........Due South ...........Windmill country......Cowley.

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