Connemara's Drummer Boy, CD, CGN, RE, USA RN, HI, SdS, SHDMX,

Connemara's Drummer Boy, CD, CGN, RE, USA RN, HI, SdS, SHDMX,
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Lesson on Monday!

I am soooo excited. On Monday, Token, Mesa and I head for High River for our herding lessons! I have waited so long for this. As usual, I have done everything backwards and have taken the chance (Gwen says I'll do fine) and entered both dogs in the herding trials in July at Okotoks. Yikes! Better get with the program and begin training. And why not just enter Token in Open obedience this summer as well? Oh, heck, why not Hunter? He needs some training and really should get off the farm now that the bionic boy is back on his feet once more; for how long we do not know. And what about Token's RE title? Should finish that off, too. And so, now that we have entered, why not go a step further and actually train the dog? Thank gosh for talented dogs to begin with. Oh, my! I forgot about BESS! We need to finish Bess's CD and her Rally Excellent and go on with some Open, methinks. Good thing I found my brain at that point and decided to forgo the trip to Great Falls and Missoula to do obedience and rally there. Maybe I'll actually have some money left to fill the diesel!!!
So out comes the logbook and the daily progress reports (or not) will be entered faithfully as I move along the road to competition.
Wish me luck.

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